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Years of experience have shown us that the most frequent point of failure in the streaming broadcast of a radio is the computer or hardware that makes the broadcast. For this reason, we have developed our own device, totally reliable, with an internal hard drive that records up to 6 months without pause. We deliver it to you configured, and it allows us to remotely solve any incident (if it occurs). We call it the EnaCast Streamer. Do you want to know it better? Keep reading!


Non-stop monitorization

6 months

Non-pause recording


Dual broadcast

Connect your Streamer and start broadcasting.

Our Streamer is only available to our customers, so you would only be able to purchase it once you have contracted Automatic Podcasting.

We send you the device already configured so you don’t have to, you will only have to connect it, and if an incident occurs we will take care of it remotely. Do you want to join the new way of doing radio?

Initial payment: 240 €
Recording non-stop for 6 months
Automatic restart
Remote support
Replace in 48h
Compatibility with Icecast

Because the law requires all radios to have the broadcast recorded and available for 6 months.